Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Reading Section

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Latihan yang akan diberikan kali ini diambil dari soal pelajaran bahasa Inggris SMK kelas 1. Bagi yang ingin berlatih dengan soal reading section bahasa Inggris ini silahkan langsung saja dipelajari soal-soal dan jawabannya berikut ini.

Teks untuk Reading Section

Soal latihan reading yang akan dibagikan berdasarkan pada sebuah teks yang dapat dikatakan singkat tapi sedikit panjang. Berikut teks untuk soal reading sectionnya

Text 1: questions 11 – 15

What if you want to talk right now to a friend who lives far away? The answer is simple. You pick up your telephone and press some buttons. Next, you hear a ringing sound—one, two, three rings. Then you hear your friend’s voice say, “Hello.” Making a phone call seems so easy. But did you ever think about what makes it possible?

When you talk on the phone, your voice is changed into an electric signal that can travel through wires. A plastic disk in the mouthpiece vibrates when you speak. The vibration makes a pattern in an electric field between the plastic disk and a metal disk. The pattern is sent through wires as an electric signal.

Just as a telephone can turn a voice into an electric signal, it can also change an electric

signal back into a voice. When the signals pass through magnets in the earpiece, the magnets vibrate a disk that reproduces the speaker’s voice.

When you make a local call, the call travels over wires from your house to the telephone

company’s routing station. From there, a computer automatically sends the call to the number you dialed.

Did you know you can call someone on the other side of the world? The call might even be sent into space! Satellites orbiting high above Earth connect calls between distant countries. Some international calls travel along cables under the sea. Cell phones work by sending a radio signal through the air to a cell tower. The tower sends the signal to the cell phone company, which relays it to another cell phone or through the telephone company to a wired phone.
Source: Microsoft ® Encarta ®. © Microsoft corporation. All right reserved.

Soal Latihan Reading Section

Berikut soal yang dapat dipelajari sobat semua. In this part, you have to choose the best answer to each question based on the alternatives given.

11. What does paragraph 2 talk about?
a. How the cell phone company relays the radio signal.
b. How the voice changes into an electric signal.
c. How you make a call to your friend.
d. How the satellite connects calls.

12. What changes an electric signal back into a voice?
a. A wire.
b. A plastic disc.
c. A telephone.
d. A mouthpiece.

13. How does an electric signal travel?
a. It travels through wires.
b. It travels through the air.
c. It travels through a radio.
d. It travels through the sea.

14. What connects calls between various countries?
a. Cables.
b. Towers.
c. Radio signals.
d. Telephone companies.

15. What does “it” in paragraph 5 line 5 refer to?
a. The satellite.
b. The cell phone.
c. The wired phone.
d. The radio signal.

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