Soal Cerita Bahasa Inggris SMK/MAK Kelas XII

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Soal Cerita Bahasa Inggris SMK/MAK Kelas XII. Latihan kali ini kita akan mempelajari soal cerita bahasa Inggris SMK/MAK Kelas XII yang tentunya pada bagian akhir akan dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban sebagai bahan kajian dan koreksi bagi sobat pelajar semua.

Pelajar yang mempelajari soal review untuk pelajaran Bahasa Inggris tersebut dapat langsung membaca soalnya pada pembahasan berikut. Untuk rekan jurusan lain juga dapat menggunakannya sebagai bahan latihan soal guna menghadapi mid semester, ataupun ujian semester dan juga ulangan harian. Soal cerita tersebut seperti di bawah ini.

Soal Cerita Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris SMK/MAK Kelas XII

Questions 26-30 are based on Text 1.

Text 1

Hotel Receptionist
When guests arrive at a hotel or call to make bookings, the hotel receptionist is usually the first person they speak to. It is up to the receptionist to make guests feel welcome and to deal efficiently with enquiries. Their tasks are likely to include: allocating rooms to guests, taking and passing on messages, putting together bills and taking payment, and handling foreign exchange, helping guests with requests, e.g. asking housekeeping for extra bedding or storing valuables in the hotel safe.

In a large hotel, receptionists use a computer to handle reservations, and may also use a telephone switchboard. They may employ sales skills to encourage guests to upgrade to a better room or eat in the restaurant, for example.

In larger hotels, there might be a small team of receptionists, each with specific duties.

In a small hotel, they might do non-reception tasks too-like serving drinks.

Reception desks in larger hotels often stay open all night, but in smaller hotels night-time duties might be taken over by the porter. Working hours can include days, nights, weekends and public holidays. Receptionists might work shifts. There are opportunities for working part time or only in the holiday seasons.
Source: www.hrd.2

26. What is the main job described in the text?
a. Hotel manager.
b. Hotel porter.
c. Hotel receptionist.
d. Hotel room boy.

27. The following are the main tasks of hotel receptionist, EXCEPT ….
a. allocating rooms to guests
b. taking and passing on messages
c. putting together bills and taking payment, and handling foreign exchange
d. enjoying dealing with guests

28. Where does a receptionist usually use a computer to handle reservations?
a. Small hotel.
b. Smaller hotel.
c. Large hotel.
d. Larger hotel.

29. A hotel receptionist may also …
a. handle reservation
b. talk to the customer
c. serve drinks
d. encourage guests to order foods and drinks

30. Which statement is NOT CORRECT based on the text?
a. Receptionists might work shifts.
b. There are opportunities for hotel receptionist working part time.
c. In smaller hotels, there might be a small team of receptionists.
d. Reception desks in larger hotels often stay open all night.

Questions 30-35 are based on Text 2.

Text 2
Although receptionists do not need a high level of (31) , employers might ask for GCSEs/S grades or equivalent qualifications, (32) in English and Math. There are qualifications specifically (33) at this kind of work, which can be studied full or part time at college. Some employers prefer mature people with experience of dealing with the public.

Many (34) hotels and chains have in-house training schemes that mean receptionists can combine work with study at college, usually working towards an NVQ/SVQ.

Larger hotels and chains may offer more (35) prospects than small hotels. With experience and qualifications, receptionists could be promoted to jobs such as supervisor, head receptionist or reception manager. Receptionists could also move to different areas of hotel work.
Source: www.rcpt/

31. a. qualify
b. qualified
c. qualifications
d. quality
32. a. particular
b. particularly
c. participant
d. partial

33. a. aim
b. aims
c. aimed
d. have aim

34. a. large
b. largely
c. larger
d. big

35. a. promote
b. promotion
c. promoted
d. promotes

Kunci Jawaban Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK/MAK Kelas XII 

Untuk dapat mengenalisa hasil dari soal-soal yang sudah dikerjakan di atas rekan pelajar semua dapat melihat kunci jawaban untuk soal pilihan ganda tersebut sebagai berikut.

Kunci Jawaban
26. c
27. d
28. c
29. d
30. c
31. c
32. b
33. c
34. a
35. c
Soal-soal sambungan review ini akan saya sambung pembahasannya pada ulasan selanjutnya jadi pastikan sobat mengikuti update soal-soal tersebut.

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