Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII dan Jawaban

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Soal dan jawaban kali ini akan membahas mengenai soal bahasa Inggris untuk sobat pelajar SMP kelas VII (kelas 7). Sobat yang membutuhkan soal bahasa Inggris dan jawabannya silahkan simak berikut.

Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII

Berikut soal untuk adik-adik pelajar smp yang dapat dipelajari sebagai soal latihan untuk menguji kemampuan dan memperdalam materi. Simak soal-soalnya berikut:

Choose either a, b, c, or d for the correct answer. Questions 1–3 are based on the dialogue.

Deni is a new student. He meets Hari in the canteen.
Deni : Hi, my name is Deni. What is your name?
Hari : Hi, my name is Hari. Are you a new student?
Deni : Yes, I am. I’m in 1C, and you?
Hari : Me, too. Then we are classmates.

1. Deni is .
a. a new teacher
b. a new student
c. a t eacher
d. a l ibrarian

2. Deni meets Hari in .
a. the c lassroom
b. the l ibrary
c. the y ard
d. the c anteen

3. Are they classmates?
a. Yes, they are.
b. No, they are not.
c. Yes, they are not.
d. No, they are.
4. Sigit : I have to go now. Nice to meet you, Sri.
Sri : ........... , Sigit.
a. Bye
b. How do you do?
c. Nice to meet you, too
d. Pleased to meet you

5. Nicky : I’m going to sleep now.
Stuart : OK. .
a. Good n ight
b. Goodbye
c. Bye
d. Good ev ening

6. It ........ a fish.
a. is
b. am
c. are
d. go
7. The boys ... reading.
a. is
b. am
c. are
d. sit

8. Something you can find in your classroom is a ....
a. radio
b. pillow
c. stove
d. blackboard

9. sitting on a beach.
a. A man
b. A men
c. Man
d. Men

10. The woman is a teacher. The plural form of the sentence is....
a. the woman are teachers
b. the woman is a teacher
c. the women are teachers
d. the women are teacher

11. I don’t have ...... sugar.
a. some
b. any
c. and
d. the

12. Is there ..... book in your bag?
a. some
b. and
c. but
d. a
13. Do you have ....... coffee?
a. some
b. any
c. and
d. The

Jawaban Soal Kelas VII Bahasa Inggris SMP

Setelah mengerjakan soal-soal kelas vii diatas silahkan sobat pelajar cocokkan hasil kerja sobat semua dengan kunci jawaban soal Bahasa Inggris SMP berikut ini.

  1. b
  2. d
  3. a
  4. a
  5. b
  6. a
  7. c
  8. d
  9. a
  10. c
  11. b
  12. d
  13. b
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