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Contoh Soal-Soal SNMPTN

Berikut ini saya bagikan beberapa contoh soal SNMPTN agar rekan dapat melihat dan mempelajari isi dari pembahasan pada artikel kali ini.

Text I
Cassava is the staple food of millions of people in Africa, Asia and South and Central America its swollen tuberous root can be boiled and mashed or grated to produce a meal known as 'farinha' in Brazil and 'garri' in Nigeria, which can be cooked in small cakes. The root is also the source of the manufactured commodity, tapioca, a small field planted with cassava can be insurance against famine, because the crop can be left in the ground for two or three ears without deterioration of the tubers. But recent findings suggests that cassava may be responsible for birth defects. It has other serious disadvantages. The tubers consist almost entirely of starch and are particularly low in protein, so dependence on cassava leads to serious malnutrition. To make matters worse, some varieties, when grown under certain conditions of soil and climate, develop a high acid content and become extremely poisonous to people and livestock if eaten raw. These tubers have to be well-prepared for consumption by prolonged and repeated boiling. The new danger has emerged over the past few years in Nigeria. Doctors have begun to suspect that cassava, if eaten in large amounts during pregnancy, may cause deformities in the developing fate, there appears to be a correlation between the eating of cassava by pregnant women and the occurrence of various kinds of brain or other neuronal malformations in their babies.

the topic of the text is ..."
A. Cassava, the source of various kinds of meals
B. the advantages and disadvantages of cassava
C. Characteristics of people consuming cassava
D. the staple food of people in developing countries
E. Malnutrition, the effect of eating cassava

People can rely on cassava in times of famine because
A. cassava can grow in any climate through out the year
B. the tubers can last for more than one years as long as they are not pulled out
C. Characteristics of people consuming cassava
D. it is the most important food in many parts of the world
E. it can be stored for a long time without being rotten

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A. Farinha and garri are other names for cassava
B. Being low in protein, cassava may cause malnutrition
C. Some cassavas should not be eaten because they are poisonous
D. People consuming only cassava for long periods of time may endanger their health
E. Particular conditions of soil and climate can make cassava poisonous

it is likely that doctors will advise pregnant women not to eat too much cassava for fear that....
A. they will be deformed
B. the flutes will not develop
C. their bodies will become crippled
D. their babies' blood will be poisoned
E. their babies may have malformed brains

We may conclude that the writer....
A. suggests that cassava is a good alternative for staple foods
B. wants to tell people to stop eating cassava
C. shows how people in developing countries live
D. warns the readers of the danger of consuming too much cassava
E. explains the effect of food shortages in develoving countries

The increase in the sales of new cars ... expected to make traffic jams worse.
A. is
B. are
C. be
D. being
E. to be

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