Latihan Soal UN: Bahasa Inggris SMP 2002

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Masih melanjutkan pembahasan mengenai latihan soal UN Bahasa Inggris, kali ini kita akan mencoba membahas mengenai soal un smp tahun 2002 yang lalu. Rekan pelajar dapat mempelajari soal-soal un tahun lalu dan membandingkan tipe-tipe soal yang ada. Berikut selengkapnya mengenai pembahasan Latihan Soal UN: Bahasa Inggris SMP 2002.

Contoh Latihan Soal UN: Bahasa Inggris SMP 2002

Agar posting kali ini tidak terlalu panjang berikut saya akan sertakan langsung beberapa contoh soal latihan un untuk pelajaran Bahasa Inggris SMP tahun 2002. Silahkan simak dan pelajari beberapa contoh tersebut berikut ini.

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 1-3
The bell was ringing. It was time for Adi's class to have Physics in the laboratory. They enjoy studying Physics in the laboratory. They have chances to use the apparatus like flashs, pipettes, test tubes, etc and to make simple experiments.

Adi was in the same group as Rita. They also wore white uniform called a lab coat like the 'others. They prepared the apparatus very carefully since they were; made of glass. The teacher was distributing the worksheet when suddenly she heard a little scream. It was from Adi. He was not so careful that the test tube knocked on the table, broke a little and cut his finger. The teacher took care of him soon.

Who is preparing the instruments for the experiment?

A. Girls
B. Boys
C. The teacher
D. Every student

What happened to Adi's finger?

A. It was cut by the glass apparatus
B. It broke an apparatus
C. It was cut by a knife
D. It knocked the apparatus


What does the second paragraph tell about?
A. How to operate the apparatus
B. The instruments for the experiment
C. The activities in the laboratory
D. The Physics class in the second period

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 4-5
This is Mr. Haryono's house. It is big, clean and comfortable (4). There is a garden in front of the house. There are same plants and flowers in the garden! There is a living room, a dining room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, three bedrooms and a garage. Mr. Haryono has some pets (5), a dog, a cat, and a parrot. Mr. Haryono takes care of the pets very carefully.

The underlined word means ...
A. beautiful
B. unattractive
C. uninteresting
D. enjoyable

The word "pets" means ...

A. tame animals
B. beautiful animals
C. favourite animals kept at home
D. tame animals kept at the zoo

Dody 􀀀 can you help me to put this bag 􀀀 this watch and this fan on the table 􀀀 please

The correct punctuation of the above sentence is ...
A. : : , , ?
B. : ; , , ?
C. , , , , ?
D. , , . . ?

Reza : Ron, it's a nice day, isn't it?
Rony : Yes, it's good for fishing.
Reza : How about going fishing to Marina Beach?
Rony : I have to say at home.

A. Forgive me, please
B. Excuse me, Reza
C. I'm afraid, I can't
D. I'm not afraid

Mr. Kusno : Do you ever come to school late?
Totok : No, Sir. I never come to school late
Mr. Kusno : That's good. But how come?
Totok : Because I ... Go to school early.

A. always
B. rarely
C. seldom
D. sometimes

Lina : Did the boys study after class?
Rina : No.
Una : What did they do?
Rina : They ... football

A. play
B. plays
C. played
D. will play

Yang diatas tersebut hanya sebagian contoh dari latihan soal yang ada. Rekan dapat mengikuti pembahasan ini untuk mempelajari soal-soalnya dirumah.

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