Kumpulan Contoh Soal Cerita Narrative dan Jawaban

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Jenis soal yang menurut saya paling sulit adalah soal cerita karena itu hari ini akan dibagikan kumpulan soal cerita narrative yang dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Dengan belajar mengerjakan soal-soal cerita ini kita akan lebih mahir lagi dalam menjawab pertanyaan berdasarkan teks cerita yang diberikan.

Contoh Soal Cerita Narrative 

Sebagai oleh-oleh, berikut langsung saya sertakan ekslusif sebuah contoh soal cerita narrative untuk dipelajari bersama-sama. Pahami baik-baik cerita yang ada dan jawab pertanyaannya dengan benar.

I. Read the narrative text and answer the questions
Long time ago a rabbit and a lion were neighbors. The lion was very proud, and was fond of boasting about his strength. And though they were such close neighbors, the lion looked down upon the rabbit, and used to bully and frighten her. Finally, the rabbit could stand it no longer and wanted to get her own back.

One day, she went to the lion and said,”Good day,
Respected elder brother. Imagine it, i met an animal over there who looked exactly like you, and he said to me,”Is there anyone in the world who dares stand up to me? If there is, let him come and have a duel with me. If there is no one, all of you have to submit to my rule and be my servants!” “Oh, he was an can’t even light on anyone!”,added the rabbit.

“Oho,”the lion said,”Didn’t you metion me to him?”

“Yes, indeed,”the rabbit replied,”But it would have been better if I hadn’t. When I described how strong you were, he just sneere and said dreadfully rude things. He even went so far as to say that wouldn’t take you for his attendant!”.

The lion flew into a rage and roared,”Where is her? Where is her?”

So the rabbit took the lion behind a hill and, not going too near herself. Pointed to a deep well from a distance, and said,”He is down there, in the well”.

The lion hastened to the well and glared angrily into it. Yes, there was his rival who even glared back at him angrily. The lion roared, and his enemy roared back. The lion became so furious that his hair stood on end. So did his enemy’s in the well. The lion showed his teeth and lashed out with his paws to scare his rival – and his enemy in the well retaliated! In a fit of anger the lion sprang into the air with all his might and then flung himself at the enemy in the well.

The result was that the proud lion was instantly drowned.


1. What is the story about?
Answer: The story above tells that proud of the lion can be beaten by shrewdness of the rabbit.

2. What did the early problem the main participant have?
Answer: The early problem happened because the lion always bully and frighten the rabbit.

3. How did the main participant solve the problem?
Answer: Finally the rabbit found great idea to make the lion conscious to his false.

4. What is the moral value of the story?
Answer: The moral value is proud can be overcome by smart thinking.

5. What is the purpose of the text above?
Answer: The story teaches us that we do not allow having proud of our smart and over strength.

Jika sobat dapat menjawab dengan baik soal-soal di atas itu berarti sobat semua siap untuk mengerjakan soal-soal lainnya, jadi tinggal mencari contoh lain untuk dikerjakan sebagai latihan.

Kumpulan Soal Cerita Narrative dan Jawaban

Sesuai dengan yang direncanakan, saya akan menyediakan satu set soal cerita untuk bahan latihan sobat semua di rumah. Beberapa kumpulan soal yang telah siap untuk dipelajari saya sertakan di bawah ini.
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Untuk sementara saya cukupkan sampai disini pembahasan kita, update soal-soal lainnya akan selalu dihadirkan setiap minggunya hanya di blog kumpulan soal dan jawaban ini. Jangan lupa untuk mencatat alamat blog ini agar lebih mudah mencari referensi soal. Sampai disini, semoga bermanfaat.