Contoh Soal Test Toefl Listening

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Contoh Soal Test Toefl Listening. Melanjut dari pembahasan sebelumnya mengenai kumpulan contoh soal test toefl kali ini kita akan membahas mengenai test listening untuk toefl. Saya harap, sobat semua yang sedang mempelajari toefl dapat mengambil manfaat dari contoh yang akan saya berikan melalui uraian singkat kali ini. (Kumpulan Soal dan Pembahasan)

Contoh Soal Test Listening 

Untuk test listening kita akan diuji penguasaannya dalam mendengarkan percakapan atau dialog dalam Bahasa Inggris. Hal ini untuk mengetahui seberapa mampu kita berkomunikasi dengan menggunakan Bahasa Inggris. Untuk contoh soalnya dapat dilihat seperti dibawah ini:

Time : 30 Minutes
50 Questions

Part A
For Each Problem in Part A, you will hear a short statement. The statement will be spoken just one time. They will not be written out for you, and you must listen carefully in order to understand what the speaker says.
When you hear a statement, read the four sentences in your test book and decide which one is closest in meaning to the statement you have heard. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.


1. (A). Sally went to the wrong class
(B). Sally was late for class because she got lost
(C). Sally missed the class
(D). Sally had some trouble finding the class, but she arrived on time

2. (A). Jane is going on vacation
(B). Jane is leaving her job temporarily for health reason.
(C). During the summer, Jane often misses work because of illness
(D). Jane is sick of working all the time

3. (A). Henry arrived at work on time this morning
(B). Henry was two hours late this morning.
(C). Henry worked late today.
(D). Henry was an hour late for work this morning.

4. (A). I’m not sure which type of flowers Jane sent me
(B). Jane received many kind of flowers.
(C). I received many kind of flowers from Jane
(D). I appreciate Jane’s sending me flowers when I was ill.
5. (A). William slept all the way from Georgia to New York.
(B). George didn’t sleep at all on the trip.
(C). William was half asleep all the time that he was driving.
(D). William didn’t sleep at all on the trip.
6. (A). Too many people came to the meeting.
(B). There were not enough people at the meeting to inspect the document.
(C). We had expected more people to come to the meeting.
(D). There were not enough seats for all the people.
(Kumpulan Soal dan Pembahasan)
7. (A). The professor said he was sorry that he had not announced the test sooner
(B). The professor was sorry that he had forgotten to bring the test to class.
(C). The professor was sorry that he hadn’t given the test earlier.
(D). The professor said he was sorry that he had not given the result of the test sooner
8. (A). Mary is taking a leave of absence from her job because of her health.
(B). Mary is not going to return to her job.
(C). Mary is right to quit her job.
(D). Mary did very good work but now she is quitting her job.
9. (A). John will be able to buy groceries.
(B). John doesn’t have enough money to buy groceries.
(C). John wouldn’t buy groceries even if he had enough money.
(D). John can’t find his grocery money.
10. (A). Hary sold no magazine
(B). Hary sold only one magazine
(C). Hary has never sold as many magazine as he sold today
(D). Hary sold five magazine at one house
11. (A). Eighty people came to the rally
(B). Forty people came to the rally.
(C). One hundred sixty people came to the rally.
(D). One hundred people came to the rally.
12. (A). We are going to meet Fred and Mary at the movies if we had time.
(B). We went to the movies with Fred and Mary, but the theatre was closed.
(C). We couldn’t meet Fred and Mary at the movies because we didn’t have any money.
(D). Fred and Mary were supposed to meet us at the movies, but their car broke down.
13. (A). Frank told the contractor to do the work in spite of the cost.
(B). Frank told the contractor that the price was too high.
(C). Frank cannot afford the work on his house.
(D). Frank repaired his own house.
14. (A). I studied last night because I had to
(B). I tried to study last night but the material was too hard.
(C). I couldn’t study last night because I was very tired.
(D). I studied last night because I was bored.
15. (A). John was supposed to give the awards at the banquet but he didn’t.
(B). John was given an award, but he refused it.
(C). John didn’t go to the banquet.
(D). John went to the awards banquet but he refused to give a speech.
16. (A). Edna goes to the movie every year.
(B). Edna hasn’t gone to the movie yet this year, but last year she did.
(C). Edna doesn’t go to the movie unless she has time.
(D). Edha hasn’t seen a movie for a long time.
17. (A). He is out of sugar
(B). He puts only sugar in his coffee.
(C). There isn’t enough sugar in his coffee.
(D). He likes sugar but the coffee he is drinking has too much.
18. (A). Arnold was embarrassed because his date wanted to pay for her own meal.
(B). Arnold had less than $15.
(C). Arnold didn’t want his date to know how much the food cost.
(D). Arnold didn’t want to pay for his date’s meal.
19. (A). George didn’t have $1000 for the man.
(B). George wanted more than $1000 for the car.
(C). George agreed to take $1000 for his car.
(D). George thought that $1000 was too much to pay for a used car.
20. (A). Harvey turned around to answer the teacher’s question.
(B). Harvey is an intelligent student.
(C). Harvey must have been embarrassed.
(D). Harvey looked in the red book for the answer to the question.

Soal Test Toefl Lengkap 

Test toefl memang memiliki standard yang tinggi dalam mengukur penguasaan bahasa kita, untuk itu tidak ada salahnya sedikit demi sedikit kita menyempatkan diri untuk terus berlatih test toefl listening ini sebagai salah satu bagian dari test toefl. Dengan demikian kemampuan kita akan lebih meningkat dan hasil dari test ini akan lebih memuaskan dari sebelumnya. (Kumpulan Soal dan Pembahasan)

Agar lebih mantap dalam mempersiapkan dan mencapai nilai tersebut sobat juga dapat melihat beberapa pembahasan soal test toefl yang lengkap dibawah ini:
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Silahkan dipelajari secara intensif contoh soal dan test toefl online yang telah saya uraikan diatas. Semoga dengan mempelajarinya nilai test yang akan diperoleh dapat memenuhi standard internasional.